• Act 48 Professional Development
    Act 48 requires ongoing studies throughout each educator's career. 
    Links to help you track your progress in meeting these requirement.
    (PERMS V2)
    Teacher Information Management System (TIMS) and

    Professional Educator Records Management System (PERMS)

    CAIU ACT 48 48 C.A.R.A.T.S is used by schools in the CAIU for teachers to Register, get Approval and Track, ACT 48 Professional Development hours
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    General Questions & Answers (PDF)

    Embedded Learning, in conjunction with PDE, offers online professional development courses in a wide variety of categories.  Completing the self study version will earn you 30 Act 48 hours, which are promptly submitted to PDE.  Follow these steps to access the site. 

    1.       www.embeddedlearningacademy.com

    2.       Click on:  PA Educators

    3.       Click on: Select

    4.       Click on: Log-in( upper right) to create an account

    5.       Explore

    6.       Browse by:  Audience or Category

    7.       Choose course

    8.       View Versions

    9.       Self-Study Version

    10.   Details

    11.   Continue to register for course.

    PDE announces partnership (With National Center for the  Profession of Teaching) to provide online programs to meet Act 48 requirements for eligible educators...

    These online Act 48 courses are now $49 each.

    Starting December 1, 2010, this service is no longer supported by funding from PDE. Pennsylvania educators may continue to enroll in courses for Act 48 hours by paying $49 per course enrollment. Please follow the directions within the site. We hope you continue to enjoy the diverse course offering for today's educators

    Eight, Ten or Thirty hour professional development courses by strategy.
    Click on Teacher Tools
    PD Center
    Class registration and select courses your are interested in.
    This is free to all PA Certified teachers and reported directly into PDE's Act 48 Reporting tool.

    For more information contact:
         Roger A. Woodring , Technology Coordinator , Greenwood High School
         Greenwood School District
         405 E. Sunbury St
         Millerstown   PA   17062
         717-589--3116 x1010
Last Modified on October 23, 2015