Choose Greenwood School District 
    Choose your building from the drop down menu.
    User your Greenwoodsd User Id and Pasword to login. 
    ** you will only be able to see the videos selected when accessing Safari Montage from a school computer.  You will be able to login from home however will not not be able to see any videos when not accessing the system from school.
    Safari Montage used LDAP to allow you to login using the same User ID and Password you use when logging onto a computer at school.  Similar to when you login to check your email.
    SAFARI Montage is the award-winning, broadcast-quality, Video-On-Demand solution for schools and districts that comes preloaded with educational video titles from the industry's leading video publishers, including Schlessinger Media, PBS, The History Channel, National Geographic, Scholastic, Disney Education, BBC, Sesame Street and more. In addition to preloaded content, SAFARI Montage provides the ability for school districts to upload their own video content at the district level and easily disseminate it to all classrooms throughout the district. SAFARI Montage delivers an entire education solution of visual instruction resources, device controllers, digital media management, digital rights management and video conferencing for the classroom from one central system, enabling a total approach to teaching, learning and achievement for 21st century learners.
    PAIUnet Safari Montage
Last Modified on March 17, 2012