• Greenwood Middle/High School - GPA Calculation
    GPA's are weighted by 1.1 for:
       *Physics - Course # 355
       *Honors Chemistry - Course # 365
       * Advanced Biology - Course # 360
       *Calculus - Course # 460
    All other courses are weighted by 1.0
    The GPA calculation formula for the Greenwood Middle/High School can be broken down using six easy steps:
    Step #1 Multiply the Quarter Grade by the weighted value for the course.
    Step #2 Multiply the sum of the Quarter and the weighted value for the course Potential Credit for the quarter to get the points earned.
    Step #3 Add the total Potential Credits for the Quarter.
    Step #4 Add the total Points Earned for the Quarter.
    Step #5 Divide the total Points Earned by the total Potential Credits for the Quarter.
    Step #6 You now have the GPA for the current Quarter.
    Click for and example:  Example GPA Calculation method.
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    If you have any questions, please contact the guidance counselor.

Last Modified on February 16, 2012