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    Parents: You may have possibly heard of or seen the "Momo Challenge" from news reports or stories posted online.  If you haven't, I posted a news clip below that explains some details of what is going on.  This is not a new challenge but has recently resurfaced due to reports of "Momo" popping up on the screen during YouTube videos geared towards kids.  Momo will say things like "Momo is going to kill you" or even tell kids to do things to harm themselves or others.   
    Within the last two days, many news outlets are saying this is a hoax and there is no real danger but there are also many reports from parents who have experienced this "challenge" reaching their young kids.  The news clip below nicely describes the danger and even if it isn't real, there are good reminders for parents of how to monitor what kids are seeing.
    If yo have questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Davidson.  
    Below is information on the hit Nexflix series "13 Reasons Why".  This is a popular but controversial series that many teens are watching.  The following links provide suggestions and guidance for parents who's children are watching "13 Reasons Why".  Please contact Mrs. Davidson if you have concerns relating to your child watching, or if you have questions about this series.
    Below is an additional, updated resource for parents since the release of the second season of "13 Reasons Why".  There is a lot of information in this docuemnt but it is very detailed and helpful.    
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    Financial Aid information provided by PHEAA to assist families with completing the FAFSA application........2018-2019 Financial Aid Information
    Students interested in competing in Division I or II athletics, please Click Here to access the 2018-2019 College-Bound Student-Athlete Guide.  See Mrs. Davidson if you have questions. 
     Parents and Students, please visit this website, https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat?navid=gh-sat to get updated information about the new SAT, score reports, testing dates, and many other helpful tools for taking the SAT.
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    2019-2020 Course Description Guide is available here for students and parents to review.  Please see Mrs. Davidson with any questions. 
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