• Tips for Students
                Backpack Organization
    It may be helpful to think of your backpack as your "portable office".  Any office that is useful includes things like the necessary books, several labeled folders, a paper supply, and several pencils.  With a little planning, all of the items in your pack can have their own special location.  For example, if completed homework papers are always placed in a folder marked HOMEWORK it is a snap to find the papers to turn in when you are at school.  Likewise, if you always have three pencils in your pack and they are always kept in the side pocket, it is easy to find one in the morning to take to class.    
    Remember to have a special location in your pack for important things like house keys and lunch money.  It is a great idea to have your keys on a chain that clip to your pack.  That way they never get lost!  Money should be kept in a change purse or wallet so the coins don't get loose in your pack.  
          Classroom Strategies
    The most valuable but probably most difficult strategy in the class is to PAY ATTENTION when the teacher talks!  Knowing when to tune in to the teacher is a skill that will provide enormous benefit. 
          Study Ideas
    Believe it or not.......the best students are actually not those that study longest but the ones who concentrate best during study time.  For example, a student who really concentrates for 15 minutes on studying a subject will do much better than one who "fiddles around at studying" for an hour!  So, when you decide to study, ...............
    • turn off the TV
    • find a quiet place where your sister or brother won't drive you nuts 
    • eat your snack and use the bathroom before you start
    • have all the necessary tools ready
    • and then dig in for a good 15-minutes


    .....you'll be amazed at the great results you'll get!
       Homework Help
    Even the best student needs a little help sometimes.  If you're stuck, ask for a little help.  Parents, friends, and believe it or not..........your big brother or sister.......... are often good sources of help. 
    Have a phone number for at least one person in each of your classes.  That way if you have a question about an assignment, you know who to call.  
    Fun Bedtime Tip
    Research shows that for some unknown, weird reason, the last items studied are often the best remembered.  So, if there are a few (2 or 3) facts that you are having trouble learning or remembering, review them in your mind as you are falling off to sleep.  This has to be the very last thing you do though.....  you can't decide to get up to get a drink or watch a little TV.......
    This only works if it is the last thing you are thinking of as you fall asleep.  It is a tricky way to memorize some of the toughest multiplication facts!
    Bus Ideas  
    The  ol' yellow bus is often an area of trouble for students.  The best way to stay out of  hot water on the bus is to stay quietly seated on your drive to school.  Remember, your life and the lives of friends depend on it!  Talking quietly to friends is a good pastime.  If you are finding it difficult to get along with those seated near to you, ask the driver to help you find a better seat. 
    If this has proven to be a difficulty for you, perhaps listening to music through headsets would be fun and would keep you more settled on your drive in to school.   
Last Modified on February 14, 2018