• What does an Elementary School Counselor do?
    As an elementary school counselor, I work alongside teachers, parents and staff members to meet the needs of students. 
    Individual Counseling:
    I will meet with students on an individual basis for brief sessions regarding a variety of topics! As a school counselor, I work to meet students emotional/social, academic and career needs. Some emotional/social topics may include: grief, behavioral struggles, anger, friendship conflicts, academics, etc. Feel free to reach out to me if you would like me to meet with your student!      
    Either student or parents can fill out the following form if they would like me to touch base with them!   Counselor Appointment Request
    Group Counseling:
    Currently, I am offering a few different groups! Please feel free to reach out to me with any requests for small group opportunities for your student!
    See the current offering of groups listed below: 
    • Social Skills/ Friendship Group during lunch (4th and 5th Grade Students )
    • Bullying/Self-Esteem Group during lunch (4th and 5th Grade Students)
    • Anger Group on Day 6 at 2pm (3rd Grade Students)
    • Friendship Group during lunch (Second Grade)
    Classroom Guidance Lessons:  
    Currently, I work with students in grades K-3 once a month for a 30-40 minute lesson! This year, the lesson topics revolve around our Wildcat Way! Some examples of classroom guidance topics include: Cooperation, Gratitude, Responsibility, Perseverance, Empathy, etc. Teaching social-emotional learning at a young age is imperative for students to develop skills to become lifelong learners!
Last Modified on April 8, 2019