• Counseling Services
    Individual Short-Term Counseling:
    At parent, teacher or individual student request, Mrs. Rickenbach will conduct short-term individual or small group  20-30 minute sessions with a student.   Usually, no more than 3-5 sessions will be held to address the given issues.  Typical issues addressed include peer relations, anger control, decision making, self-esteem, appropriate classroom behavior, family change issues, etc.  If the identified needs show little or no improvement at the end of the short-term sessions, a referral for out-of-school counseling is suggested to the parent.   Counselor/Student confidentiality is discussed.  The form utilized to make teacher referrals for counseling is the Confidential School Counselor Referral Form.  
          Large Group Counseling/Guidance:   
    Classroom guidance is conducted in grades Kindergarten through third grade with four to six sessions per year in each grade.  Social skills development is the focus on the group guidance lessons and a guidance notebook is kept beginning in Kindergarten. 
    Classroom guidance in grades 4-6 is conducted at the request of individual teachers.  The topics of bullying, refusal skills, self-esteem and assertiveness are often discussed.
Last Modified on September 14, 2018