VISION-screening of visual acuity, both near and far vision, is mandated yearly in grades K-12.  Color vision screening is mandated in grades 1 or 2.
     Growth-Weight, height, BMI, and BMI percentile is mandated in grades K-12.   
    HEARING-hearing screening is mandated in grades K-3rd, 7th and 11th.  Other grade levels as indicated.  

    SCOLIOSIS-in grades 6 and 7, the spine is checked for a lateral curvature.

    PHYSICALS- physicals exams are mandated for all students in grades K, 6th, and 11th.  Physicals may be completed by the student’s private physician at the cost of the parent, or they may be completed by the school physician free of charge.   

    DENTALS-dental exams are mandated for students in grades K or 1st, 3rd, and 7th.  Dental exams may be completed by the student’s dentist, or by the school dentist free of charge.  Dental exams completed at school are a visual exam only.   

    There is a required dental form and medical form which needs to be completed and returned to the health room if parents choose to have these exams done privately.  The forms are available in the health office or by clicking the following link Physical Form  or Dental Form.

Last Modified on December 15, 2015