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    The following link has been provided by PHEAA to assist families with financail aid information and FAFSA completion for the 2018-2019 School Year... Click Here      
    Use ONLY the following website to access the FAFSA form to complete for Federal Financial Aid  www.fafsa.gov
    FAFSA4casterA free online tool available to provide students and parents with an estimate of an Expected Family Contribution (see explaination below).  This is not an official application and does not require an electronic PIN but can give families awareness and education about the financial aid process.  Visit the folling website to access the FAFSA4casterhttp://studentaid.ed.gov/fafsa/estimate   
    Making Sense of the FAFSA : Use this resource to help answer any questions you may have about the FAFSA. 

    Federal Deadline
    October 1—You can begin submitting your FAFSA applications using prior, prior year tax return information (new, 2017-2018 school year)
    State Deadline
    Pennsylvania - All first-time applicants enrolled in a: community college; business/trade/technical school; hospital school of nursing; designated Pennsylvania Open-Admission institution; or non-transferable two-year program - August 1  by midnight, Central Time.

    All other applicants - May 1  by midnight, Central Time.
    College Deadline
    Check with the college(s) you are interested in attending. You may also want to ask your college about its definition of an application deadline - whether it is the date the college receives your FAFSA, or the date your FAFSA is processed. 


    Have the following documents available when completing the FAFSA

    -Social Security Numbers
    -Driver's license (student only; this information is optional)
    -Federal income tax return (1040, 1040A or 1040 EZ)
    -W-2 forms from all employers
    -Current bank statements (Checking and Savings)
    -Current Business and farm records (if applicable)
    -Records of any stocks, bonds, and other investments, including 529 accounts
    -Additional untaxed income tax records may be needed such as: Veteran's non-educational benefits, child support paid/received and workers compensation
    -Alien registration or permanent resident card (if not US Citizen)
     PIN Numbers

    Personal Identification Number (PIN) used to sign the FAFSA, make corrections (if necessary), and check the status of the online FAFSA application. 
    Both the parent and the student must have a PIN number.  Students can electronically sign his/her Master Promissory Note for student loans.  Parents cna use his/her PIN number to electronically sign the Direct PLUS Loan MPN.  Parents can use the same PIN for multiple dependent children attending a postsecondary school. 
    Go to www.pin.ed.gov to choose a PIN.   
    PA State Grant Form

    To be considered for a PA State Grant, students must complete the FAFSA and the State Grant Form (SGF).  There are three ways to complete the SGF:
    1. A link on the FAFSA Application Confirmation Page: You must click on the link from the completition page, you can not return to this page once exited. 
    2. A link in an email from State Grant or using the link on PHEAA.org
    3. Paper status notice

     Student Aid Report (SAR)

    A Student Aid Report will be sent to the applicant via email once the FAFSA is processed. The information found on the SAR is also sent to all schools students have listed on his/her FAFSA and to PHEAA
    Expected Family Contribution (EFC):
    A calculated amount a family can be expected to pay towards a student's college expense each year. 
    Factors determining the EFC: Parental income and assets, student income and assets, family size and number of family members in college, and age of the older parent
    This number is the same, regardless of what school the students chooses to attend. 
    CSS Financial Aid Profile
    Should be completed in addition to the FAFSA but ONLY if the school attending accepts the CSS Application.
    There is a $25 fee for completing this application  
     Available October 1
    The following school accept the CSS application:
    Abrahan L Buckwalter Fund
    Albright College
    Bryn Mawr College
    Bucknell University
    Carnegie Mellon University
    Dickinson College
    Drexwl University
    Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary
    Franklin & Marshall College
    Gettysburg College
    Haverford College
    Hughesian Free School Trust
    Lafayette College
    Lehigh University
    Lower Merion Twp Scholarship Fund
    Moravian College
    Muhlenberg College
    Rosemont College
    Seneca Valley School District
    Susquehanna University
    Swarthmore College
    University of Pennsylvania
    Ursinus College
    Villanova University
     Helpful Websites
     www.mysmartborrowing.org : an interactive financial aid tool that encourages students to make smart decisions about career and college choices
    www.educationplanner.org : in-depth resources helping students learn about careers, colleges and financial aid opportunities
    www.youcandealwithit.com : offers college students and recent graduates a comprehensive guide to financial decisions and situations they will soon encounter.  
    *Information provided through PHEAA and PA Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators in the 2015-2016 Financial Aid Resource Manual. 
Last Modified on October 10, 2017